Procurement Department

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Procurement Department is to provide superior purchasing and contract administration services. These services are to be provided within the scope of law, ensuring integrity, quality and efficiency as we facilitate a pro-active, competitive procurement process. Our teamwork is based on friendly cooperation to achieve effective, creative solutions with service oriented goals. The Procurement Department also maintains a central warehouse for distribution of material and supplies. 

Duties of the Procurement Department

The activities of the Procurement Department include the administration of contracts, the processing of purchased services, the purchase of supplies, materials, equipment, and warehouse administration. Additional activities include advertising, receiving and reviewing all competitive sealed bids, issuing and approving purchase orders, and directing the sale of surplus materials, supplies and equipment. Although certain traditional responsibilities of the Procurement department remain valid, (e.g. to buy the right quality at the right time and the right price from capable suppliers) the duties and responsibilities of the Procurement Department extend far beyond these traditional responsibilities. Florida law requires public purchasing be conducted without favoritism, competitive bidding must not be circumvented, and specifications must not be restrictive. Goods and services are to be acquired in an efficient, effective and economical manner, and the materials bought to be warehoused, maintained, and transferred, economically and advantageously.The Procurement Department recognizes the responsibilities and strives to achieve professional excellence and facilitate the objectives of the City of Lake City. 

Department Information

The Procurement office hours are 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday.

Vendor Registration

To register your business to be a vendor for the City of Lake City, vendors must be complete the Vendor Registration through Vendor Registry and provide all required documents.  All current and future vendors should register and maintain an updated profile on the site.  The site allows you to choose the products/services in which you have an interest.  Through this registration, our files will remain current and you can receive automatic notifications of bid or quote opportunities.  If you have any problems with the registration process, please contact customer service at (844)802-9202 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bid and Quote Information

The Procurement Department of the City of Lake City has contracted with AND to provide vendors and the public with information relating to formal bids, quotes and proposals.

To become a member of, contact them by email through their website at or by calling (800) 711-1712. provides registered vendors with notification of upcoming City projects by e-mail.  Once registered, you will automatically receive notifications.


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