Water Treatment Plant

Water Plant Staff:

Director: Michael Osborn

Chief Operator: Earl (Trey) Crossman

Water Plant Operators: Alfred (Al) Sloan, Aubrey (Penney) Parrish, Tracy Betz

Maintenance Technician: Kevin McAuliffe


Mission Statement:

The Price Creek Water Treatment Plant is committed to its fundamental objective of providing water service of the highest quality for drinking, industrial and general municipal uses. 

Price Creek WTP Aerialr                       


To meet that objective, the Authority will adhere to the following principles:

  • The use of the highest quality water sources; protection and wise management of its supply sources,
  • Providing effective treatment and distribution of water for public health, safety and customer acceptability,
  • Providing for future growth to ensure the long-term success of the area,
  • Providing prompt and effective customer service,
  • Staffing the organization with qualified professionals, and
  • Striving for excellence with each employee participating as a team member to continually improve the performance of the organization.


The Floridian Aquifer is one of the most productive sources of ground water in the United States. In Columbia County, the Floridian Aquifer generally contains brackish water. For this reason, Lake City located its new well field in the eastern part Columbia County.


 Water Treatment


Our facility uses an ozone treatment process, which aggressively treats the water to disinfect it. Afterwards we use a chlorine or chloramine disinfectant, to assure disinfection throughout our system. With aggressive treatment and monitoring by the Cities Water Utility, the water delivered to your home or business complies with or is better than all state and federal drinking water requirements. Aggressive treatment does not always improve tap water's taste, odor, or softness.

What is water supposed to taste like? Ask a group of people and you'll receive a variety of answers based on our own unique palate and taste preferences.

Ozone Generatorr

Transmission and Distribution Systems


Treated water is delivered from east Columbia County throughout most of Columbia County through about 100 miles of pipe. We have several sampling sites, which we use, to assure the water stays within State and Federal regulations for safe drinking water. 

Water storage

 Storage tanks are used to meet peak demands during the day. Water is stored in three locations:

Two 1.5-million-gallon ground storage tanks are located at the treatment complex.
Two 1.0-million-gallon ground storage tanks are located west of I-75.
One 500,000-gallon elevated storage tank located near the downtown area.



Contact Basinr

Elevated tanks and pumps

The western booster pumping station is used to boost pressure and to maintain chlorine residuals. The elevated tank is used to maintain a constant pressure in the distribution system in the event of an emergency situation.




Drinking Water Testing and Analysis

As always, we are committed to providing the best quality drinking water. Highly trained environmental analysts and plant operators from Lake City perform chemical analysis and bacteriological tests from samples taken at the WTP and from 35 sample points throughout Lake City's water system. These qualified technicians are happy to disclose results from any samples they collect, whether taken at the WTP or at locations throughout the system.

Information Test And Results Interpretation
Columbia County Health Department
Ph: (386) 758-1058

Chemical Controllersr

Irrigation Rules

Yearly landscape watering rules can be found at the web site listed below. 


Beware of Water Testing Sales Tactic:

Water Testing

Water treatment salespeople use many tactics, including the sludge test - exaggerating the amount of minerals in water and making it seem harmful. The color change test - using a chemical to change water color making the homeowner think the water is contaminated. And horror stories - showing news articles about toxic waste, etc.

Water Testing Services Awareness

Responding to numerous calls concerning "Free Water Testing Services" from companies who include in their company titles words like "Florida" and or "Utilities", Lake City Utilities representatives are informing customers that the City of Lake City does not represent these companies or endorse their testing methodology.

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